• Erin Gebo

Strategic Human Resources Leaders

Human Resources leaders who immerse company objectives and values into their department goals are strategic leaders.

A true strategic leader in the human resources department understands the company mission, values and vision, the competitive marketplace, the customers who the company serves, the financial objectives, the employee culture and the priorities of the business. Each of these considerations create a holistic business approach that will translate to success.

Successful Human Resources leaders carefully consider the company goals, budgetary guidelines and effectively create a plan to maximize resources and meet objectives while leveraging the talents of the employees.

Objectives may include the employee hiring and selection process, the retention plan, the goal setting and employee development process, the workforce planning process, compliance and risk management and best practices.

Each area is given careful consideration in relation to meeting company objectives. A skilled strategic Human Resources leader who can influence others, collaborate easily with all departments, meet financial goals and exude a passion for the mission of the company will lead a company to prosperity.

Erin Gebo

Human Resources Consultant



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