• Erin Gebo

Recruiters are your company Ambassadors

Corporate recruiting is a strategic process of balancing a budget, utilizing the most effective networking strategies and cultivating an excitement in the marketplace about the company vision, culture and values.

Great recruiting partners will be well versed in your company values and culture and partner with the hiring managers to understand what technical and soft skills are necessary to drive the team forward. From that insight, a great recruiter will use resources wisely to advertise on job boards, network with industry professionals and connect with employees for referrals.

Once a candidate is identified, it is up to the recruiter and hiring manager to evaluate interested candidates and to maintain a positive image in the community by utilizing excellent communication techniques.

Recruiters and hiring managers that convey respect and interest in a candidate are more likely to build a team of quality employees. Approaching each interaction with a candidate with genuine creates a positive professional image for the company and a potential future hire.

Basic communication follow-up skills and clear expectations regarding the anticipated next steps will ensure that the candidate feels like the company cares about their time investment in the process. By communicating regularly with the candidate regarding the hiring process and what to expect, the recruiter gains the trust and respect of the candidate.

This initial interaction between the recruiter and candidate reveals how the company values potential employees and will set the candidate up for success if they are hired. If handled correctly, it will effectively build a relationship and lay the foundation for a great employee.

The relationship building process of recruiting is critical to promoting the company within the community. The recruiter is the ambassador for the company and is directly influencing the ability of the company to attract future great hires.

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