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Partner with a great recruiter to find new talent

Searching for exceptional talent can be daunting. As a hiring manager, you have the authority to select a new member for your team. However, you don’t have a lot of time to devote to the process. If you have a recruiter who you can rely on as a business partner, you can achieve success and still get your own work accomplished.

An authentic recruiter will ask you for insight into your ideal candidate to fill the role. They will probe to find out who has been successful in the role and who has not. They will further explore any gaps in the current team and determine the technical and soft skills needed to flourish in the role.

Good recruiters will take the lead on asking questions and gaining insight. They will determine a path to network for the most applicable candidates and utilize the company resources wisely.

Once potential candidates are located, the recruiter will conduct a phone interview to gain a general overview of the candidate’s motivation to leave their current role, ascertain if they possess the technical and soft skills required for the role and determine if it is a potentially good cultural fit for the team.

The hiring manager can assess whether they would like to interview the candidate themselves when they are armed with information upfront. The resume, detailed notes regarding candidate background from the recruiter’s phone interview and any other pertinent information will aid in the hiring manager’s selection to move forward with an interview.

Excellent follow up skills and communication from the recruiter is essential to continuing the relationship with the potential candidate. A great recruiter will keep the candidate apprised of the schedule of what to expect and translate any necessary information for the upcoming interview.

This way, the hiring manager has an interviewee who has been prepped with clear expectations, experienced a positive image of the company via the recruiter’s efforts to convey the importance of treating candidates with respect and genuine concern.

By partnering with a great recruiter, a hiring manager can efficiently upgrade their team and enjoy continued success.

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