• Erin Gebo

Inspiration from Interviewees

As an Executive Recruiter, my job consists of meeting all types of people each day and allowing them to share their passions, challenges and goals with me. I am very fortunate that my career allows me to learn so much from others daily.

The unique and amazing individuals who I speak to daily continue to inspire me. Without disclosing names of individuals or companies, I hope to share their stories to continue to inspire others. Here are a few that recently charged my energy;

An Executive – This individual has a leadership position overseeing hundreds of individuals and maintaining data for a large company. This data is extremely critical to the outcomes of the company's mission. He clearly worked his way to a top leadership position through his innate drive. In his personal life, he runs at least 8 miles per day in the morning before going to work. He explained that this type of exercise allowed him to be able to be physically active no matter what country he was traveling to for work. He also participates in marathons throughout the year. Clearly, he is a disciplined and motivated person which was evident in his achievements at work and in his personal life.

A Project Manager – Working as a project manager in a highly complex industry where he is required to communicate with scientists, information technology executives, marketing executives, sales/finance executives, etc., this individual has succeeded due to his ability to listen. He knew the importance of asking questions and actively listening in his youth. He became extremely skilled at communicating with all types of individuals and gradually throughout his career he was able to use his strength in collaborating across departments to get projects completed on time and effectively. His interpersonal skills were a lifetime of work and they have garnered him a prestigious leadership position within a highly regarded company.

A Communications Executive – Having a background in leading the communications efforts for a large organization, this Communications leader was not only competent, but she was also an advocate for a work / life balance. Having a special needs child at home, she was giving all she had to her job, while always providing the best life for her child. This demanded a certain amount of flexibility and understanding from her employer. She was able to garner tremendous respect from her boss in her ability to execute her responsibilities, and she was in turn able to modify her schedule when necessary to meet the demands of her family. She managed to provide workplace excellence while managing a challenging family life with the help of a compassionate and supportive boss.

A Sales Executive – This person had worked her entire career supporting businesses with their finances as an accountant. She was great at her job, but she was not able to meet her financial goals. Therefore, she decided to take her career into her own hands and she studied to become a real estate agent. She became licensed and was able to secure a job and learn from mentors on how to start a business in real estate. After just two short years, she is now a leading agent and exceeding her financial goals year over year. Her commitment and focus allowed her to reach her financial goals and be a true inspiration.

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