• Erin Gebo

Hiring a Recruiter

Employers are experiencing a tight job market where the task of hiring talented team members is challenging. Having an experienced recruiter to collaborate with you in locating new talent allows your company to continue to elevate and remain competitive. What should you expect from a recruiter?

Successful recruiters possess the ability to ask questions regarding your business needs to help determine how to best source the new employees you are seeking. They listen to your desires for new talented team members and look beyond just a job description. They find out about your culture, previous attempts to fill the role, who your best employees are and why, what makes your company unique compared to the competition and what core values drive your company.

Once the right recruiter has been assigned a role to fill, they should be able to set a clear path of where to find potential candidates and set a course for bringing your opportunity to them. The key is to not to expect the recruiter to provide a high volume of candidates for you to review. Instead, there should be a few select candidates for you to consider that meet your expectations for the role.

When you are provided with a few qualified candidates for the role, they should be prequalified by the recruiter. From there, the hiring manager will interview and determine who is the best fit for the role. And the recruiter will manage the relationship with future candidates.

Successful recruiters continue to keep a large network of potential candidates available to contact if a new opening arises that would suit the candidate’s background and skills. This process of engaging the community and establishing relationships with future candidates assures a positive company image with future candidates and lower time to fill rates for openings.

Hiring great talent to elevate your company is a collaborative and positive experience if you are working with a capable recruiter.

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