Since 1995, I have been committed to helping businesses achieve their goals and realize profits through adding exceptional talent to their teams.  

With expertise in recruitment at all levels, I have been able to partner with many leaders in various industries, including; pharmaceutical, technology, engineering, architecture, consumer packaged goods, retail manufacturing, etc.  

I contribute results that enhance the company and create a partnership.

Recruitment and Human Resources Services 

  • Lead recruitment efforts for passive candidates in difficult to fill positions

  • Oversee full cycle recruitment efforts

  • Develop company handbooks and policies to adhere to state and federal laws for national offices

  • Develop training programs to encourage growth and leaderships skills in entry level managers

  • Coach managers on effective leadership skills and sensitive employee situations

  • Develop benefit plans and administer retirement plans

  • Strategize with leadership on workforce planning, compensation packages, and job descriptions

  • Develop HRIS systems and procedures

  • Establish company brand on social networking sites

  • Ensure that company mission and values are incorporated into all strategies of HR

  • Oversee payroll and develop efficient processes to ensure data accuracy and oversee third party audits

  • Lead investigations and employee relations inquiries

  • Prepare Human Resources reference manuals

  • Train and mentor entry level and intermediate Human Resources professionals

  • Collaborate with Department leaders to form a cohesive operations team between Accounting, Sales, IT, Production, Operations, R&D, Facilities and HR

  • Develop reporting to keep leaders informed of important HR metrics

  • Research industry trends and avenues for increased efficiency


Helping clients achieve business objectives

Sampling of Client Referrals:

"I have worked with Erin over the past year as she has helped me filter and recruit an entirely new department of talents within my company. Erin stands out from the recruiting agents I have worked with over the years in that she truly takes the time to learn the job requirements and accurately measures and filters each talent against that role. Erin professionally filters and provides me with a summary overview of each appropriate talent and is able to schedule an interview with them within the same day if necessary. Her wide spread professional network, keen filtering sense and professional engagement made it possible for me to recruit a whole new department of incredible talent within a two month time frame. I highly recommend Erin and am honored to work with such a talent."

Hana Khzam Amer, Director Customer Strategy

"As Managing Director of the Irvine and Orlando offices of WATG, managing over 250 talented and creative individuals. At WATG we put or people first, we feel we are a family. Firms and families are made up of individuals with varying needs. I worked closing with Erin in our HR department to ensure that we met those individual needs in a fair and equal manner. I worked closely with Erin to recruit talented staff into our firm. Erin is exceptional, a people person who shows people she cares and by extension the company cares. She does so while acting with a business owners mindset. I can recommend Erin without reservations."

Perry Brown, Vice President

"Erin Gebo is an asset to any human resources department. She’s adept at recruiting high caliber staff and understanding/forecasting the staffing needs of the company. She is proactive in initiating relevant and important training and morale-boosting activities to improve the technical skills of the staff as well as the mood in the office. She’s approachable and available and skilled at dealing with employees’ sensitive issues as well as training/assisting high-level staff with the same. She partners with management to promote the company’s mission and does so with a positive attitude. Finally, she’s knowledgeable of the laws that regulate the applicable aspects of her industry and interested in keeping the company compliant"

Megan Karasch, In-House Counsel